The NVC Difference


Veterinary professionals are always first

NVC deeply respects and admires the veterinary professionals in our community and we never tell you how to practice.  We simply support you to be the best that you can possibly be.  Our Business Excellence Support Team (BEST) has extensive experience in the veterinary industry but doesn’t pretend to know the support you need.  NVC asks and listens; your BEST team seeks ongoing feedback from you to ensure that the support provided is correct for everyone’s future success.

One simple rule

NVC puts people first and in return expect you to put clients first.  Every NVC clinic has a responsibility to provide superior customer service.  We appreciate that this is not always easy but is imperative for the reputation and success of everyone.  This fundamental requirement is just good manners and good business. 

Help is always available

If you ask for help, BEST provides it. Whether you have lost a key team member and need help recruiting another or are struggling with a computer issue and need to speak to an expert about it, BEST has you covered.  We don’t expect you to be a computer geek, marketing genius or employment legislation expert.  As a member of NVC, you will have direct access to a support team that knows you and is happy to help.  

Keep your brand

NVC admires and respects the relationship that you have developed with your community and believe that keeping your clinic name or brand is important.  NVC truly believe a vet clinic is part of the community and the marketing plan should be tailored to suit the needs of each individual community.  And the people that know how to do that best are the veterinary and veterinary nurse teams; not the managers sitting in the NVC office.