Weekend Symposium with Dr. Cam Day

One of the few Australian Veterinarians to be consulting full-time as a Veterinary behaviourist, Dr. Cam Day consults with dog and cat owners about the mood aberrations of their pets on a daily basis. Dr. Cam’s extensive background includes gaining a membership with the Veterinary Behaviour Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1995. In 2004, he become the inaugural Chair of the Queensland State Government Animal Welfare Advisory Committee. He performed this role until October 2013. Dr Cam is a past Adjunct Associate Profession with the University of Queensland Veterinary School.

His knowledge covers pet behaviour therapy and solving a range of problems such as; anxiety and panic disorders, compulsive behaviours and many other behavioural aberrations. If left unresolved, these problems can create worrisome moods such as aggression, excessive vocalising, separation anxiety, noise panic disorders, house-soiling and self-harming behaviours.

Dr Cam’s comprehensive experience includes conducting veterinary talk-back radio on ABC Radio and Radio 4BC. He has also presented on television many times to share his veterinary expertise to a wider audience. Today, he continues to create informative CD’s, webinars, as well as produces three blogs called: Cat Chat, Dog Dialogue and The Vet Behaviourist. He has also cemented his presence on social media platforms including his Facebook page ‘Cam Day Consulting’ with over 1,000 likes, his twitter account @drcamday and YouTube account ‘Cam Day’ that has informative videos of Dr Cam spreading his wisdom in pet behaviour therapy.

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Dentistry I: Dentistry for Vets, Dentistry II: Feline & Dentistry II: Canine

Anthony Caiafa graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 1978 and worked as a vet for 16 years. In 1998, he returned to study a Bachelor of Dental Science and graduated dux of his year. His extensive experience covers all aspects of general dentistry with an interest in Dental Implants and Root Canal treatment. Anthony has a great rapport with patients and tries very hard to make every visit as comfortable as possible. Currently, he works with our four-legged friends and as a guest lecturer in Veterinary Dentistry at James Cook University, Townsville. Anthony accepts dental referrals at North Coast Veterinary Specialists and Referral Centre, Sunshine Coast. Outside of the surgery room, Anthony has also been published in many peer reviewed veterinary and dental journals as well as lectured in Australia, USA, Europe, SE Asia, and New Zealand.

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Dentistry I: Dentistry for Vets, Dentistry II: Feline & Dentistry II: Canine

Aaron Forsayeth graduated from the University of Queensland with a BVSc (Hons) in 1996. He was awarded Membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (MACVSc) in Veterinary Dentistry by examination in 2004.  For over 9 years, Aaron worked solely in mixed practice, spending much of this time at a large Animal Hospital on the Gold Coast. Aaron has been working in full-time dental referral practice since 2006.  His credentials include; being the Treasurer of the Australian Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS) 2004-2006, Secretary of AVDS 2005-2006 and Newsletter Editor and Webmaster of AVDS 2002-current. From May 2010-2011, Aaron was President of the Australian Veterinary Dental Society.

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Dentistry 1: For Vet Nurses & Dentistry 2: For Vet Nurses

Victoria is an accredited veterinary nurse from Brisbane with a background in education. Her passion for veterinary nursing developed when her clinic underwent a transition to team-centred practice and nurse consultations back in 2004. As a result, Victoria has developed an interest in patient standards of care, utilisation of veterinary nurses, innovation and high-performance practice operations. Victoria’s clinical interests lie in dentistry and nutrition, and she was lucky enough to participate in Hills Nutritional Nurse Consulting Course, which saw her undertake over 100 hours of professional development in the field of nutrition. Victoria has an interest in entrepreneurship and is a 2015 alumnus of the iLabs business accelerator.

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Dentistry 1: For Vet Nurses & Dentistry 2: For Vet Nurses

Maggie Burley is an Accredited Veterinary Nurse with a special interest in veterinary dentistry nursing. Her profound expertise is highlighted by being the first nurse in Australia to attain both a Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (Dentistry) and is a Candidate for the Veterinary Technician Speciality (Dentistry). Further on from these accomplishments, Maggie is celebrated for her high quality dental care and has worked with Veterinary Dental Specialists in both Australia and The United States of America. Her passion for sharing her knowledge with others, is shown through her work presenting at conferences, seminars, webinars and guiding in-clinic training. Further on from this, Maggie facilitates practical workshops for nurses covering nursing the dental patient, performing periodontal treatment, dental radiograph techniques and client education in the oral health of pets.  

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