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National Veterinary Care (NVC) welcomes established veterinary practices, who share our strong cultural values and people-first approach, to join our network of veterinary and business professionals.

Selling your practice is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make which is why our partnership program ensures the transition to NVC is seamless. Whether you’re looking to grow your practice through our network or plan for succession, we’ll guide you through the entire process.

We offer a customised and flexible approach to our partnerships and will facilitate an integration process that suits you and your team. Veterinary practice owners may wish to remain fully involved, scale down time in the practice, or withdraw completely.

Committed to drive best practice initiatives, NVC is guided by the philosophy of being stronger and more effective together. Our partnership model empowers our practices to focus on the front line of veterinary care, retain their own established brand and local identity, preserve and enhance their unique culture, whilst adding opportunities and benefits only achieved by working together as a group.

People are the core of our business, we value open communication based on integrity, transparency and mutual benefit. We embrace and drive change and vigorously actively pursue growth and continuous improvement for all our practices.

We appreciate you’ve worked hard to build your business and make it successful. If you are considering selling or planning for succession, National Veterinary Care (NVC) can guide you through the process, with the utmost level of confidentiality, ensuring your business continues to flourish whilst preserving your legacy.



Rather than NVC rebranding your clinic with a national brand, your clinic will retain their own established brand and local identity.


NVC is focused on developing its people, and has established three industry first national training centres, the NVC Veterinary Training Centres. These facilities are equipped with state of the art technology, and are open to the entire veterinary industry.


Economies of scale and supplier relationships have allowed NVC to source goods and equipment at more competitive rates than what you would typically be able to achieve individually.


Best for Pet is the wellness program offered by NVC, it was designed by vets and pet lovers to provide simple, affordable and optimal health care for pets. In return for an annual members fee, your clients will have access to a full preventative wellness program.


NVC's Support Office is responsible for providing centralised administrative support to clinics including; finance, payroll, human resources and recruitment, information technology and marketing.


All NVC clinic employees enjoy a broad range of employee benefits including our employee assistance program provided through Assure, access to discounted private health insurance, financial wellbeing support through our HR platform FLARE plus many more. You can review all our employee benefits by clicking here.